about Kherad Fanavaran Anahid

In 2014,  the Anahid group of technologists started working with the approach of designing, supporting, and building electronic hardware and software projects in the field of security, and from the very beginning of the path, it began to cooperate in high circulation with reputable brands in the same field.

Now, as a leading company, this company offers its services in the production of smart products and the implementation of smart solutions.

This company is active in the fields of smart city, smart house, smart building and smart bank and has been able to produce and supply its products to the market by relying on local knowledge and domestic experts. The goal of entrepreneurship and employment for young people has expanded over the past years by adding to his experiences in the fields of security, automation and control systems.

In this company, we have always tried to take basic steps to meet the needs of the country by keeping the specialized forces and raising the efficient young forces, while improving the quality of the products in relation to the increasing expansion of the production capacity. Take a step towards providing safer products that are compatible with today’s technology.

Kheradfanavarn anahid team is committed to bringing customers’ satisfaction in different levels, such as after-sales services, valid warranty and online support (remotely) and appropriate day and night, and by answering the requests and questions of customers and listening to the audience, it is God’s voice. To their complete satisfaction, by providing valuable feedback for the research and development team, he has always contributed significantly to the creation of new paths and new solutions. Today’s technology has taken a step forward.