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Khardfanavaran Anahid is at your service to provide the most common to the most special required parts with the following conditions:

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makeBOM list

To place large orders in the shortest time, just upload a list of the parts you need as an Excel file.

Overseas parts supply

Khard Fanavaran Anahid supplies all kinds of boards and electronic parts you need from the best sellers in the world and sends them to wherever you are in Iran.

Reverse engineering and device design

Khard Fanavaran Anahid’s technicians will reverse engineer your desired device in the shortest time and provide the final design with the best quality.

Frequently asked questions of customers

If the ordered parts are available in the Chinese market, you will receive your parts within 20 working days after placing the order. Otherwise, if it is necessary to supply parts from the American or European markets, the delivery time of the goods will be announced to the customer by issuing a pre-invoice.

Less than one working day after registering the customer’s order, the inventory of the goods is inquired and their price is announced to the customer.

Yes; If you request an official invoice while placing an order, the company will issue you an official invoice.

Kherad Fanavaran Anahid technicians can provide you with an international standard certificate of parts to assure you that the purchased parts are original. Also, upon your request, it is possible to buy non-original parts (manufactured in the Chinese market) and even second-hand parts.

Yes; You can cancel your order up to 24 hours before sending the product.

There is no limit to the number of parts ordered. Customers can register any number of parts they need in their custom list.

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